I Can Help You

  • Get in touch with your true essence and true needs to create the life you love.
  • Uncover the limiting beliefs that hold you back and reframe them into empowering beliefs that move you forward.​
  • Learn to analyze your own unique dream symbols to better understand the messages from your soul.
  • Shift negative emotional feelings into more positive healthy moods.​
Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis

Interpreting your personal dream symbols helps you understand messages from your subconscious mind.

Each person has their own unique dream language and dream symbols. “What did that dream mean” is the question I most often hear and I love to help people understand what those symbols mean to them personally.  It’s an “Aha” moment when that meaning clicks in for you.  I also teach techniques to increase dream recall and to use your dreams to solve problems and activate healing. My doctoral research project was in the area of telepathic dreaming.

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Intuitive Guidance

Living a fulfilled life is being aware of your true nature and true needs, knowing what you want and creating that for yourself.

Using my intuitive abilities and working with your unique gifts and talents in a holistic way, I can help you clarify what you really want in your life and career and overcome any blocks that keep you from moving forward.  Together, we create an action strategy based on your personal situation to get you where you want to be. I received my certification as a Life Coach through the Life Purpose Institute.


Theta Healing

Discovering your limiting beliefs and re-framing them into empowering beliefs moves you forward to the life you want.

Theta Healing is an energy healing modality using the theta brainwave state to uncover and release the limiting beliefs that keep a person from manifesting health, love and abundance.  Negative thoughts and feelings are replaced with positive, beneficial ones. A person’s life can change in amazing ways when dis-empowering beliefs are replaced with new, inspired ones. I am a Certified Theta Practitioner through Vianna Stibal’s Theta practitioner course.

Sessions and Pricing

A session may include a combination of the techniques I use.  Together we decide what will work best for you.

Choose a 60 minute session for $115.00.

Choose a 90 minute session for $175.00

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